Mel wakes up at 5.30 am, every day to prepare meals for her husband Rusty, who is severely disabled and has Alzheimer’s then feeds 14 cats & 4 dogs (ALL rescued). Feed Rusty breakfast and get him cleaned and changed before getting ready for work. Then rushes to the veterinary clinic in Bloubosrand to see her other 30 adult shelter cats (all rescued) before starting her official full-time job, as an assistant at the vet. She works sometimes at 9pm before going home. Mel is bitten, punched, head-butted, abused, etc for just taking care of the man, she fell in love with, 40 years ago. She baths fall into bed and then repeats the cycle 6 days a week! Sunday is her only day off. Regardless, she stays smiley and friendly.
Rusty has since been moved to Laratong Hospital in Westrand for care.

(She rents a cottage on a smallholding in Muldersdrift and that’s why Mel is able to home so many rescues.)

Wishes for Mel:
1. A pamper day at the SPA / Visit to a hairdresser
2. Donation of adult nappies (Uses adult pull up nappies small size)
3. Donations to buy her cat and dog food for her rescues, which she currently pays out of her own pocket.