Bryan’s in-laws, Belinda and Reg started a school for special needs children. The reason for this is because their own grandchild is autistic and there are no schools in their area who cater for special needs kids. Bryan’s father-in-law, Reg, used all the money he received when he was retrenched to buy the house and start the school. They felt it was their calling to help other kids too. They tried to approach some corporates for assistance with no luck. There are about 10 kids and Belinda helps a lot of parents out who cannot afford special schooling and takes whatever they can give her.

With all the 2019 Nov & Dec rain, the roof started leaking resulting in damage. He is requesting any kind help they can get to help repair the damage by painting the roof to seal the leaks. They have managed to patch the ceilings with board and tape for now. What they really need are ceiling boards. With the help of Graham who hosts the Build Aid show on Mixfm (Every wednesday), we are going to replace the ceiling boards and fix the leaks to ensure safety at the school.