The OneWingz of Change, thanks to your support over the years, has continued to support those who are vulnerable and desperate during this lockdown period. Every day, we have assisted those who have lost any prospect of income during this time, and in the foreseeable future, by depositing funds into their account, to assist with basic necessities at this time, in our OneWingz JustPlain Stimulus Drive. Over the past month, over R 100 000 has been dispersed to various people, who were nominated by others.

Recently OneWIngz has also been inundated with requests from various organisations to assist with face-mask initiatives, through our NPC, distribution partners, and our radio platform.

The supplier we have agreed to partner with has designed a unique OneWIngz mask, which meets all specifications of the Dept of Health and CIPC requirements (all the relevant documents are attached).

OneWingz wants to reach the distribution of 10 000 masks in our first “push”. These will be distributed exclusively to communities who will not be able to afford masks – a need that is going to be paramount as we move through the various Covid19 management levels, as specified by The President. The need to wear facemasks is going to be vital for the foreseeable future and many in our communities will not be able to afford these, at current costings.

Through partner NGO’s such as Shout SA and Round Table, OneWingz will distribute these masks to townships, informal settlements, schools, and communities where the need is greatest, and we will drive this through our radio platform, Mix 93.8FM.

Costing structures and OneWingz NPC details are also attached, as are the 2 designs we have approved for distribution.

Furthermore, our suppliers have agreed to rebate R 2.00 per mask, back into the OneWIngz fund. This will certainly assist to replenish our fund, which has suffered the postponement of our scheduled OneWIngz Golf and Legend Tribute in September – our one and only yearly fundraiser, which raises the necessary funds for OnewIngz to assist those in need during the year.

So your support will not only be helping to protect those in our vulnerable communities, and thereby, curb the spread of Covid19 further, but also the OneWingz of Change going forward!

Download Masks Pricing & Specification Sheet

Download Additional Mask Specification Sheet