OneWingz donated R7000 to Marilyn for toys, stationery, and clothes. – Brown Bee School teacher

Bronwyn nominated Marilyn who runs a school in Vorna Valley (70 – 80 years old) who took over from another lady Minnie who passed away and was given the school and land to keep as her own as long as she continues to run the school and help kids.

She takes in all the underprivileged children and kids of domestic workers who can’t afford to go to normal schools. She looks after about 38 kids which sometimes doubles in the afternoon so the kids have a safe place to go and do homework.

Bronwyn does her best to donate any extras from her own school to help Marilyn. Marilyn Dumpster dives for things she needs and never asks for help. She is trying to build a second school and will take any building materials that she can get. Any little money that comes in, she gives to her staff for all their help and she herself wears the same old clothes as she puts her staff and kids first.