While South Africa tackles the challenge of overcoming the Covid19 threat, there is going to be a need for our citizens to wear facemasks for some time to come. Medical experts and scientists have maintained that, although N95 masks should be reserved only for our frontline workers, who deal with potentially infected patients daily, the use of fabric masks is recommended for members of the public, to help prevent the spread of infection.

While many citizens will be sourcing masks from the numerous suppliers that have sprung up over the past few months, the most vulnerable in our society will either not be in apposition to access these or have the financial means to purchase masks, at the given costs.

The OneWingz of Change, through accredited suppliers, and our distribution partners, is facilitating the supply and distribution of masks, exclusively for the citizens in our vulnerable communities.

Our supplier is situated in one of SA’s most economically challenged areas of SA – East London and employs 31 seamstresses and workers. This offers them the opportunity of making an income to support their families during this time.

OneWingz is seeking sponsors who wish to purchase these masks on behalf of these vulnerable communities. The sponsorship will be paid through our NPC – Bridge of Light – where a Section 18A certificate will be provided – and BOL will pay the full amount to the supplier for the manufacture and delivery of these consignments. No admin fees will be applicable. Through our partners, The Courier Guy, these masks will be delivered to our distribution point, who will make sure they reach the relevant communities.

We will also source “nominations” through our radio platform Mix 93.8FM in Gauteng.

Sponsorship requests for from 200 – 1000 + community-targeted fabric masks can be made to wingz@mixfm.co.za or scott@justplaindarren.co.za 

The following payment terms are applicable:

–  200+ masks @ R27.03 ea (incl VAT)

–  500+ masks @ R 25.50 ea (incl VAT)

–  1000+ masks @ R 25.00 ea (incl VAT)

Please note: These are exclusively fabric masks as per specs herein, and NOT medical / N95 masks. Sponsorship for medical / N95 masks can be directed through www.shout4masks.co.za

Payment can be made to Bridge of Light – the OneWIngz NPC (reg details and account details attached), and a section 18A certificate can be requested. Please use “OneWIngzMasks” and the number ordered in your payment reference (eg “OneWIngzMasks200X”)

Bridge of Light NPC



Menlyn Main

branch code: 198765

All relevant accreditation and registration documents are included in this submission.